Sunday, January 17, 2010

50% off - India Visa fee for Commonwealth Games!

The Indian tourism ministry is likely to waive off 50% of the visa fee charged from visitors of Commonwealth nations as an incentive to boost foreign tourist arrivals. This is part of its effort to offer incentives for tourism to India for the Commonwealth Games to be held in October.

“We are considering a proposal to waive off 50% of the visa fee. The expense will be borne by the tourism ministry,” a source said. The move comes after the positive response to ‘Visit India 2009’ promotion where major stakeholders like hospitality partners, tour operators and others had offered schemes and promotions in addition to what the visitor paid for. The visa fee waiver will supplement the promotions and the ministry is already in talks with Delhi Guest House, New Delhi airport hotels, India travel agents and New Delhi tour operators for extending these incentives for another year. Commonwealth games 2010 are expected to bring millions of visitors to Delhi and India and therefore the government wants to make the maximum out of this opportunity.

There are 54 members of the Commonwealth of nations of which visitors from UK, Australia and Canada form a large part of India’s tourist inflow. India received 5.11 million tourists of which 0.5 million come from Commonwealth nations.

The waiver fee is going to be a significant revenue loss, but it will be more than made up by the business generated by the millions of tourists pouring into the country.

Monday, January 4, 2010

India Travel: Glimpse of Diversity

India Travel: Glimpse of Diversity
India has been a country of diverse cultures and traditions and has often intrigued foreign travelers who are excited at the slightest idea of exploring the different facets of the country. India Travel remains facinating and gives a glimpse of an exotic world of sainst and snake charmers.

There are numerous sites and locations of cultural as well as historical importance which are a major draw for the tourists who come into or wish to come into the country.

Of late there has also been a spurt of advertisement and promotions from different states within the country; promoting themselves as tourist destinations and attracting travelers from across the globe. The best part about this is that there is also a concerted effort from the governments both the state government and the central government in making the individual states and the entire country a tourist friendly destination.

There have been initiations of various programs with the help of government funding and support which highlight the various aspects of tourism within the country in order to entice the foreign travelers to come into the country. In response; the tourism industry has also seen a significant increase in demand over the last decade and various tourism and its ancillary industries have grown by leaps and bounds during the period. Several renowned domestic and international chains of hotels and travel companies are setting up their operating units in different parts of the country to grab a significant portion of the untapped tourism market in India. A lot of unexplored locations have suddenly come into prominence for the package that they can offer to the tourists. There are several cities and towns in the country now; where tourism and its ancillary functions are the major economic drivers for that particular city or town.

While all these have been very positive for the country and has ensured growth and employment generation for thousands of residents or citizens involved; there is also a downside to this. A lot of cases have also come to light where travelers especially the first time foreign travelers have complained of misconduct, whilst on their visit to India. Further; cases of scams and travelers being duped and deprived of what was promised to them have also been doing rounds recently. This has to an extent put off certain sections of foreign travelers who wish to explore the diversity of the country; but are skeptical on how to go about organizing their trips so that they can avoid being scammed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

DTC adds more bus depots for Commonwealth Games!

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is planning to have 15 more bus depots before 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.
'CCTV cameras would also be installed in all DTC bus depots to ensure security during the 2010 CWG.

Tth 15 new depots, the total number of DTC depots would reach 50 with multi level parking capacity of 6,000 buses. Construction works in seven new depots are going on and these depots, hopefully would be functional by November 2009.
DTC plans would be to add 2,500 more low floor CNG buses to its existing fleet by March 2010 and the delivery of new buses will start next month with 150 buses joining the DTC fleet.
Of these 2,500, 1,000 are low floor air-conditioned buses while 1,500 will be normal low floor CNG buses. Besides this, 625 new low floor buses would be added in the DTC fleet.
DTC has started the process of purchasing 1,000 new semi-low floor buses, he said, adding they would have a state-of-art passenger information system and global positioning system for the convenience of commuters. As many as 574 low floor buses would be in the Commonwealth Games Village for the sports persons.
'All buses will be equipped with automatic vehicle ticketing system and with new logo of Commonwealth Games.

Now this is excellent in theory but will the Delhites leave these buses in good condition come October 2010?

This remains to be seen. This is an extremely good development for Delhi and especially its disabled.

Whoops Changes in Delhi!

There are changes afoot in India, with India Bed and Breakfast announcing portals for partnering with Bed and Breakfast in most of the Indian cities.

We hope that their this venture is succesful in making a gruop of Indian B&B owners. Some of the B&B's are located in exotic cities of Rajasthan whereas some are located in Agra.

The b&B listed are for Jaipar Bed and Breakfast, Bed and Breakfast Agra and Noida B&B as well as Gurgaon B&B's.

If you are interested in partnering with them, please conatct via their site.

They are seeking bed and Breakfast owners from all over India, so if you have a website you can partner with them.

Good Luck!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Delhi Summer sale on Hotel Rooms

Looking for a cheap New Delhi Airport Hotel? Look no further! Inn at Delhi is offering a massive 35% off on its summer sale to tourists who will book their rooms for the Month of June & July.

The rates revert back to normal after August 2009 and therefore it is imperative that you book your rooms NOW.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Will there be Accommodation in Delhi for the Commonwealth Games?

The New Delhi Govt. has been highly critised in the media for dragging it feet on the development of Delhi Infrastructure for the recent Commonwealth Games 2010 to be held at Delhi and the constant criticism has finally woken up the Kumbhkarana.

"We are now constantly monitoring the progress of 120 infrastructure projects so as to complete them by April next year," a senior official involved in overseeing preparations for the prestigious sporting event said.

He said all the projects are on track and progressing well. "We are doing it silently. Everything will be ready well ahead of time. There is no need for any concern." Hear!! Hear!!!

He said the under-construction flyover leading to the airport will be ready by early next year.

Asked whether there will be a problem of accommodation for visitors to the national capital as developers have withdrawn from a few hotel projects, he said Haryana has decided to seize the opportunity and are working on developing guest houses and hotels.

"An alternative plan has been worked out with the Haryana government to sort out the problem of accommodation for the visitors," he said.

Delhi's loss will be Haryana's gain!

Finally Delhi Govt gets its Act Together

Apparently, security planning for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi is on track and concerns that safety fears could scupper the event are premature, the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF).

Security around the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, due to be held from Oct. 3-14, 2010 has come under scrutiny after an attack in Mumbai in November that killed at least 171 people and this month's attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan.

It is widely anticipated that the Pakistan based terrorists will try to attack the Games.

According to The Official site the countdown has begun for the Commonwealth Games, and they have prepared a special baton called the queen's baton.

The prototype of the Queen’s Baton will be unveiled by Lt. Governor of Delhi, Shri Tejendra Khanna. The Queen’s Baton has been specially designed in a manner which is unique since it represents not only the diversity of India but also the participation of every Indian through the soil of each state of India which has been embedded on the Baton. The Baton, represents the resilient spirit of Indians, and their Prowess, in the field of technology and IT which also finds place in the Baton as it is designed to contain,

# GPS to track the Baton Movements when it travels

# Video Camera with Sound Recorder

# SMS Facility (affording instant interaction with the public)

# LED lights that will illuminate the colour of the flag of each of the 71 Commonwealth Nations through which it travels through

# Inbuilt Camera, Sound Recording Facility

# And very importantly a Gold leaf which the Queen’s Message will be inscribed on with micro calligraphy.

I hope that the Delhi Government gets its act together and prevents any untoward event during the commonwealth games in Delhi.